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Razor is Back with a New Electric Scooter!

Children of the 90s will remember the phenomenon that was Razor scooters. Kids would whizz around the streets on their steel horses, tormenting pedestrians like a miniature biker gang. Ah, simpler times; before online video games and iPads stole our attention (and soul…). Well, prepare to overdose on nostalgia because the team behind the rugged Razor have brought back the iconic design, ready to hand out fresh road raspberries to a bunch of 30-year-olds.  With the key demographic all but done with their prime years, the revived Razor Icon has unsurprisingly gone electric. And while the decision to add a motor is somewhat insulting, we thank them for considering those ageing legs.

Razor Icon Electric Scooter Specifications

Motor: 350-watt powering rear wheel only.
Battery: 36-volt lithium-ion.
Range: 18 miles
Price: from $549 USD

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Razor Icon

Image: Razor

To accommodate adult riders, the Icon is slightly bigger and bulkier than the original.  The larger frame includes a 350-watt motor powering rear wheel that can hit speeds up to 18 miles per hour with a range of roughly 18 miles on a full charge of its 36-volt lithium-ion battery. However, like all e-scooters, the range may vary depending on terrain, hills or sick stunts at the skatepark.

Keeping the aesthetic language of the original, the Razor Icon offers multiple colour options as well as matching grips and tires. Additionally, the clever folding design remains, meaning you can easily stash it on the train or in the back of the car if need be.

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While the new model hasn’t kept the small, rollerblade style wheels of its predecessor, the new design is just as durable. In order to handle harsher terrain and higher speeds, they’ve opted for an 8.5-inch airless tire similar to the Unagi Model One we tested last year. Other new upgrades include a headlight, taillights, a kickstand, and a lock point for securing the scooter via bike lock or chain.

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“As electric scooters have gained popularity in the last few years, there haven’t been many affordable options on the market,” Razor says. “Getting a smooth ride, with long-distance range, and quality you can trust is hard to come by at an affordable price.”

If you’re planning on taking a stroll down to the local Toys R Us to pick up this reimagined classic, think again. The Razor Icon is currently on sale via Kickstarter for US$549 (AU$750) with the early bird discount and will jump to US$599 (AU$820) after discounted crop sells out. However, it will eventually hit stores for a slight price (Razor promise it will stay under US$1000).

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