Park & Diamond Foldable Bike Helmet is a Game Changer

Park and Diamond are releasing a portable, stylish bike helmet that looks and feels like a baseball cap and is just as safe as a traditional helmet. It fits inside a water bottle-sized case to easily stow in a backpack or handbag. The helmet passes all US and EU regulations to make sure you are getting the protection you need while riding a bike. We’re unsure if it passes Australian laws, but at least our overseas friends can cruise the streets in style.

You can lock-in a foldable helmet of your own for the early bird price of US $84. That’s a bargain when you consider the retail price is expected to be $159.

park & diamond bike helmet like baseball cap

Park and Diamond are even claiming the foldable helmet is safer than traditional helmets. During impact, a conventional bike helmet bounces and the protective foam releases energy back to the users head. There is still the likelihood of a head injury. Park & Diamond Bike Helmet’s protective material absorbs and dissipates three times more elastic energy than a traditional bike helmet, which means significantly less energy is being transferred to the head.

The Park & Diamond helmet is breathable and washable, especially crucial during warm biking months. Want to change your look? The outside skin is easily replaceable. The first run of helmets come in adult sizes, and kid-friendly options will arrive at a later date.

You know what the cool kids say: Safety first!

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park & diamond crowdfunding foldable bike helmet

park & diamond bike helmet folds into backpack