Protect Your Brain and Your Style with the Thousand Stealth Black Bike Helmet

There’s no avoiding it. Sometimes you just look nerdy wearing a bike helmet. But they’re a necessary piece of equipment. Fortunately, the Thousand Stealth Black Bike helmet not only keeps you safe, it also helps you maintain your image. The helmet was designed by someone who openly admits that she “was never a fan of wearing a bicycle helmet” because they were a pain to carry around and they looked too “sci-fi.” With that background, you know that the result would need to be something that met the highest standards.

thousand stealth black bike helmet man wearing

The helmet was inspired by vintage moto lids first popularized in the 50s and 60s. But the functionality of the helmets definitely does not come from a bygone era. First, the helmet features seven vents for internal air channeling, making the helmet that much more comfortable to wear. The built in low profile visor provides some shade, but also adds a stylish detail to the helmet. The finish is a premium matte that has received a rubberized finish. The moto trim sets off nicely against that matte finish. The fit can be customized with two sets of interior padding. Keeping the helmet on is simple with the one handed magnetic fastener. Even with all of that, the helmet still only weights between 410 grams to 490 grams, depending on size. An added feature, the Secret Poplock, allows you to secure the helmet to your bike so that you don’t have to carry it around with you.

Check it out

thousand stealth black bike helmet top

thousand stealth black bike helmet side view

thousand stealth black bike helmet back

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