Delfast Electric Bike – “The Best e-Bike in the World”?

The electric bicycle has created a unique niche for itself. With an electric motor, it operates like a motorcycle in the sense that it powers itself without the rider having to do anything but balance and ride. But with pedals, it also operates like a bicycle, allowing the rider to pedal if they want to, getting a workout and charging the battery at the same time. It can be the best of both worlds in certain environments—and that’s what Delfast Electronic Bike has focused on, being the very best electric bike on the market today.

delfast electric motor bike engine

With an electric engine that can travel 320 kilometres on a single charge, it gets the best mileage for an electric bike that is currently available to the public. It also has a light frame, allowing riders to be able to pedal incredibly long distances without wearing themselves out. Technological abilities like built-in GPS, push start ignition and Bluetooth are also integrated into the bike itself. And as it’s design is somewhere between a mountain bike and dirt bike motorcycle, the Delfast Electronic Bike is not isolated to city streets or paved roads—it can ride efficiently on dirt trails or even grass fields, allowing you to have even more freedom to explore without ever getting into a vehicle or setting out on foot.

delfast electric motor bike rider

Currently a Kickstarter project, the Delfast has shattered it’s goal of $50,000 by already raising over $150,000—which means it may be available sooner than you think.

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