SCW 1 Foundation Series Complete $10,795 USD

There’s a big, wide world out there to explore, and having the right equipment makes that exploration much more enjoyable. Too often, however, we come to rely heavily on the familiar and trusted equipment that we’ve always had. Innovation can stagnate as we look to have something new that keeps within the confines of past designs.

Structure Cycleworks has abandoned that old design in favor of something so refreshingly new that it might just change everything.

SCW 1 foundation series bike

With just a glance, you may not notice what is so new about Structure Cycleworks’ SCW 1 Foundation Series mountain bike. The rear of the bike does indeed look almost exactly like what you would expect it to look like. A 27.5 inch wheel is powered by a chain linked to a sprocket system on the wheel and to the pedals in the middle of the bike.

The frame does adopt a rakish angle that seems new, but isn’t too much of a departure from what you’ve seen before. The bike is fully carbon and the rear portion has a full suspension system. It’s when you get to the front fork that you see the difference, most notably that there isn’t a telescoping fork. The SCW 1 uses Structure’s WTF (Without Telescoping Fork) linkage system. With that system in place, both the front and back of the bike can travel 150mm, essentially eliminating bumps and jolts.

pedal scw bike

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SCW 1 foundation series bike