Smith Innovates Again With the Overtake Cycle Helmet

Smith Optics is a big player in the optical world. Since 1965, the company has been making head and eye protection products for snow sports.

Several years ago, the company decided to branch into making safety gear for the cycling community. They initially released the Forefront helmet, which was an instant hit as it really was at the forefront of helmet safety and innovation. It offered all-mountain design and featured proprietary technology that set it apart from the competition, including a unique honeycomb-like Koroyd Liner, which helps absorb 30 percent more energy than traditional foam liners.

overtake cycle helmet main body make

Koroyd provides better airflow and ventilation. It also reduces impact forces that lead to traumatic brain injuries. When the Forefront first came out, it was very popular – it seemed that every cyclist had the telltale green honeycomb material showing through the air vents. One problem, however, was that this helmet could be a little warm on the head, because of this thick honeycomb material.

Smith has decided to remedy this issue with an updated—and even better cycling helmet, the Overtake. This new helmet has the same Aerocore Koroyd Liner as the Forefront but with improved ventilation. This helmet weighs in at just 250g so riders can enjoy the same protection and ventilation as the Forefront in a more lightweight helmet. This design helps racers enjoy the ride even more.

The Overtake is available in three sizes and 12 different colours. There is even one colour that will match any kit. The Overtake performance matches up to its good looks.
Some colours feature multi-directional impact protection system or MIPS liners which help to further enhance protection by reducing forces to the brain during impact.

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