Speedvagen Urban Racer Bicycle Is Perfect for Your City Commute

Portland, Oregon bicycle shop, Vanilla Workshop, just debuted an ultimate urban racer, the Speedvagen Bicycle. Vanilla’s bikes are considered to be once-in-a-lifetime rides, and the Speedvagen is no different.

This bike is the perfect blend of utility and art; quite minimalistic in appearance with its white frame and Velocity Blunt alloy rims. This aesthetic helps minimise unwanted attention – a clever way to detract the eyes of thieves when you leave it locked up on a busy city street.

speedvagen bike through rough city street

Created specifically for urban commuting, the Speedvagen comprises lightweight steel frame and large tires help propel the bike through rough city streets. It features nimble handling and a race fit, and will get you around town quickly.

The two-speed internal scam hub shifts automatically when you get to second gear for simple, fast riding. To engage the brake, you only push back on the pedals, similar to how you engaged the brakes on your bike as a kid. This setup is unusual for a modern bike, but it requires no maintenance and adds to the minimal aesthetic as there aren’t any brake levers or cables.

speedvagen bike simple handle

speedvagen bike back margad

The built-in steel guard ensures that your trouser cuff stays off the chain. There is an attachment located on the front of the bike for a small bag so that you can carry a laptop, groceries or clothing.

There are integrated supernova LED lights wired inside the tubing, a Fizik saddle and Ritchey seat post, but there are lots of other upgrades available, such as carbon rims, and you can also choose from a range of custom colours that are applied in-house.

Check it out

speedvagen bike chain shape

speedvagen bike body shape

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