Tackle Rough Terrain With the Triple Absorber for Mountain Bike Wheels

Designer Hojun Lee, who currently attends the Seoul National University of Science and Technology in South Korea, has decided to increase shock absorption in mountain bikes in a clever way—by replacing standard spokes with coils that absorb shocks. Called the Triple Absorber for Mountain Bike Wheels, this design has three sets of shock absorbing coils instead of the standard bicycle spokes that are seen on most mountain bikes.

mountain bike shock absorption

If you have ever been mountain biking, then you know that the uneven, rocky trails can be pretty jarring. This often creates a lot of rider fatigue and physical stress on joints. The Triple Absorber helps lessen stress placed on riders by adding more shocks to the wheels. Since the forks are already maxed on on a mountain bike, the shocks are simply built into the frame of the wheel. This adds another level of shock absorption between the ground and the rider. It also results in less stress being placed on the frame of the bike, which can help your ride last longer. The shocks look pretty cool on the bike too.

triple absorber mountain bike wheel body shape

Although Lee’s design is still just a concept, it has promise as is evident by the fact that it won won the K-Design award at the International Design Competition. The Triple Absorber Mountain Bike Wheel shows how bicycle design could result in a more comfortable and ergonomic ride. That is why this is one design we would like to see go to production.

Check it out

triple absorber mountain bike wheel spring system

triple absorber mountain bike wheel main frame

triple absorber mountain bike rider

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