Tern’s GSD E-Bike is All Kinds of Fit

The new GSD bike from Tern doesn’t just challenge your conception of e-bikes, it might have you second guessing that car in your driveway. For starters, Tern’s latest utility bike is ridiculously economic. Not only does it fold up to fit virtually anywhere, but it manages to create tons of space without drifting from e-bike length standards. In fact, the e-bike hosts so much room up top that it can carry two kids (or a loved one) and a week’s worth of groceries without cramping your space or your style.

two man comfortable bike

E-bikes already hovered somewhere between the average bike and average car, but the GSD certainly drives the point home. It offers a bevy of uses to the family man and urban warrior alike. In addition to all that carry room in the back, the bike seat is adjustable for whoever wants to ride it at the time. Couple that with cargo hold panniers and Tern’s best-in-class folding technology and you have an e-bike that apparently thought of everything.

tern gsd e bike dual battery technology

Giving the GSD its electric power is the latest in Dual-Battery technology from global leader Bosch. Connect up to two batteries at a time and get 250km of riding out of a single charge. Ultimately, however, it’s the GSD’s versatility that makes it shine. When in use it’s possibly the roomiest bike you’ll ever own–fold it down and it’s the most compact. In other words, this baby definitely puts the “fit” in fitness.

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people use tern gsd e bike

people use tern gsd e bike easily

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