The Cowboy Electric Bike Bucks Convention

The Cowboy Electric Bike isn’t what you expect to see when you hear the term “electric bike.” More often than not, electric bikes have large batteries and motors that stand out and detract from the simplicity of a bike. The Cowboy Electric Bike doesn’t have any of that—in fact, when you first see the bike, you’ll wonder if you’re looking at the wrong one. The Cowboy looks like any other road bike, with the exception of the seat tube being thicker than you might have expected. But there’s a reason for that extra thickness. The elongated battery clips into the seat tube. Rather than a bulky and thick battery, the Cowboy has a long, thin battery. The Cowboy battery measures 43 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm, weighs 1.7 kg, and houses 252 WH. After a 2.5 hour charge, you’ll have a range of 50 km.

The motor is also deceptive. You’ll be hard pressed to see it at all, but you will feel it when you’re riding. Except when you don’t. The Cowboy Electric Bike uses an innovative approach of assisting pedaling when needed. The intelligent speed and torque sensors kick in to assist based on the terrain and effort you’re putting in.

The chain is also a nice upgrade from the traditional. Rather than the greasy metal chain, the Cowboy uses a carbon belt, eliminating the need for oiling.

The Cowboy Electric Bike is a 16kg technological marvel ready to convert you to bike commuting.

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