The Savage Bike Bag Offers the Best of Both Worlds in Bike Transport and Storage

If you’re truly into cycling, your partnership with your bike becomes similar to the relationship that we have with our pets… part of the family almost. For that reason you take good care not to ride it anywhere it may get damaged or leave it unattended while you’re not on it… but what about in transport. If your bike was on the top of your car or the back of your trunk and you got into an accident, what would happen then?

Douche Bags is here to help. The Savage Bike Bag from Douche Bags is inspired by the lifesaving roll cages used in race cars that allow drives to walk away after crashing into rock solid cement at nearly 200 miles per hour. The patented Db Roll Cage will protect your bike in a similar fashion by combining durability, steadiness, and compressibility.

The Savage Bike Bag centers around the roll cage which is an internal framework that protects the bike while also adding structure and stability to the carrying case. Using the unique roll cage system, the Savage offers superior protection against impact and pressure loads compared to a conventional soft bag, but because of the aluminum frame, the results are also comparable to that of a hard case, truly acting like a hybrid between the two, and boasting an impressive protection to weigh ratio.

savage bike bag

So, you have improved protection from a soft bag, similar durability as a hard case, and as a result you gain the packing advantages of a much small case as the Savage Bike Bag can be compressed to 35% of its full size. To take even further advantage of this unique offering, the frame can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly without the addition or help of any other tools, meaning you really are improving your packability.

Perhaps the Savage bag’s greatest asset is its ability to fit any bike within it. Designed to fit any type of mountain, freestyle, downhill, and even plus-size bike, this generous carrying case is going to make packing a much easier prospect from the day you buy it.

While it would be hard to doubt the usefulness of such a product, persisting questions of execution wouldn’t be shocking. The Savage’s true utility and practicality have to be seen to be believed, but once you do, you won’t look back. The patented Db Roll Cage works as support structure for the fabric walls in the bag and creates a strong structure by applying tension to the fabric, much like the skin of a drum acts. This tensile fabric structure allows for the maintenance of bag shape and also serves as yet another line of protection by creating a pocket of space between the bike and the fabric walls.

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