Track Your Ride with the Elemnt Mini Bike Computer

For serious cyclers who like to ride tens, if not a hundred miles, in a given stretch, life atop a bike gives them an entirely different perspective. It’s a wonderful, freeing feeling to be cruising on a road bike, without anything to really stand in their way—except knowing certain bits of important information like the speed they are going, the time they have been on the bike, the ability to listen to music, the ability to take phone calls, et cetera. And sure, maybe that’s the point of riding a bike in the first place, but with all the available technology these days, why can’t you have your freeing bike ride and the comforts you would have in a vehicle or on foot as well?

wahoo mini bike computer back side

That’s where the ELEMNT MINI bike computer comes into play. This small device attaches seamlessly between the handlebars on your road bike and comes with two modes: phone free and phone mode. It has a wireless connection to earbuds or headphones allowing you to talk on the phone or play music while you ride, along with ride tracking and live tracking via GPS and can receive and send text messages. The ELEMNT MINI also has a speed sensor and works perfectly with Wahoo dual-band sensors.

It’s the ideal accessory for an avid cyclist in this day and age. The only downside is once it’s installed, they may never get off their bike.

wahoo mini bike computer body shape


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