Vintage Electric’s Roadster Bike Uses a Classic Design

There’s a reason that classic looks are classic. They stand the test of time and continue to look good even after their first initial moments in the limelight fade. That tried and true look is the reason companies keep going back to it, as in the case of Vintage Electric’s Roadster Bike.

electric roadster bike headlight

The Roadster bike has a classic scrambler look, with a thick frame holding a large engine in its middle. The tube tyres add more detail and the fine leather seat finishes the look. Of course, that “engine” isn’t actually an engine, but a 1,123-watt battery for the rear hub motor. The Roadster has the functionality you would expect from a bike—you can pedal it, using your own power.

It also allows you to engage the throttle and have the electric engine kick in, propelling you up to 36 miles per hour. The battery, on a full charge, will last 4.5 hours and take you 75 miles. It also features regenerative braking, thanks to its Promax Lucid hydraulic disc brakes, and has two power modes.

Thanks to its pure sine wave controller, the engine gives consistent power without the buzzing sound produced by other electric motors.

electric roadster bike front

The bike has an LED headlamp, brake lights under the seat, and leather accents complementing the black paint job. Weighing in at 86 pounds, it’s a bit heavy, but the battery can be removed for easy charging, so could opt for a lighter weight if you just want to go for a joy ride. For suspension, Vintage Electric chose and oversized inverted suspension.

The frame is made of hydro-formed aluminium. The wheels are made of stainless steel and an alloy fender covers the rear tire. Vintage Electric is offering this classic with a modern twist for USD$6,995.

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vintage electric roadster bike

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