Want to Make Your Bike Electric in One Minute? GeoOrbital Powered Bicycle Wheel

Do you want to turn your old bicycle into a two-wheeled Tesla? Well, if you have GeoOrbital’s new Powered Bicycle Wheel you can easily do just that. Startup GeoOrbital reinvented the wheel to make any bicycle electric.

geoorbital powered electric bicycle wheel main body

GeoOrbital’s founders previously worked at Ford and Space X, so they know something about electric transportation. They used their knowledge to create a special universal swap-in tire that you can swap for any bike tire. Fashioned after the unique light cycles from the sci-fi movie “Tron”, this gadget will make any bicycle ride a whole lot easier.

GeoOrbital’s Bicycle Wheel was designed for urban riding. It takes the place of a traditional front bike wheel. It comes in two sizes—a 26 or 28-inch version. This wheel was designed to be attached to almost any bike. According to GeoOrbital, these sizes work for 95 percent of all bicycles. It takes less than a minute to install the Powered Wheel. The wheel uses a solid foam tire that acts and weighs just like a traditional bike tire.

geoorbital powered electric bicycle wheel color

A brushless 500-watt electric motor spins the wheel. The motor can help cyclists reach speeds of 32 km/h in just 6 seconds. It can reach speeds quicker when using the pedal assisted feature. The battery is a lockable 36-volt lithium ion version. Pedal assisted, the battery is good for an 80 km range.

A thumb activated throttle clips onto the bike’s handlebars. There is even a USB out port, which you can use for charging your cell phone on the go.

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