Welcome to the Next Generation of Tires: ReTyre Modular Tire System

ReTyre is here to introduce the next generation of bicycle tires with their new Modular Tire System. The ReTyre Modular Tire System is built with integrated zipper, allowing you to change the surface of your bike tire in seconds and add extra protection for tricky terrain or retrofit your bike to be able to traverse places never possible before.

retyre modular tire in the hand

This system allows you to change the tires’ attributes and design to almost whatever you want with numerous colors and tread patterns. These multiple treads allow you to abandon the idea of compromising. Find the right grip for the conditions that await you and tackle it head on without worry of tire failure. ReTyre has made their product easily equipped, firm, and durable, the three most important attributes in a bike tire.

ReTyre’s next generation modular tire system comes with a patented integrated fastening mechanism to allow for easy transfer of the protective covering, but no worries of deterioration or slippage as you progress through your ride.

Everyone, even our less bike-friendly peers, know that tires are critical to the overall performance of a bike and in turn the bike riding experience. Today, that experience deteriorates as the tire does, tying your enjoyment into a downward trend overtime. Now, with ReTyre’s new technology and easy to apply fast rolling tires that no longer has to be the case.

With no installation required, ReTyres are easy to put on. Just zip them up like you would a jacket and you’re ready to ride. This extremely user-friendly design allows for you to attach a new skin whenever you need, making it easy to adjust for unpredictable weather conditions in a moment’s notice. Better treads mean better biking experiences with improved grip, less rolling resistance, and improved tire durations. ReTyre is also quite away of the importance of rubber quality and as a result is sure to use 90% natural rubber and only the purest additives to make the best product possible.

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