Xmera Bionic Bike is a Sci-Fi Project

Exercise bikes aren’t a new thing. Neither is the idea of commuting on a bike. Even electric bikes have been around for a while. So what does Chicago-based start-up Xmera have to offer that isn’t already out there? Their Bionic Bike takes the best of all three and combines them into one almost Sci-Fi project.

The Xmera is designed to look like an old school motorcycle, complete with a bench seat and a tank, but that’s just cosmetics. The Bionic Bike comes with either a 250 watt or a 750 watt electric motor with a battery that can give a range between 37 to 124 miles (depending on which battery you choose). Where Xmera starts to show its differences is in the range of sensors that almost read your mind.

The Bionic Bike has smart features that allow you to set your desired beats per minute, then, using a heart rate monitor and the Xmera app, the bike can monitor your heart rate and then help with the electric motor to keep your heart rate in the desired range. You can set the bike to do a fat burn, HIIT, or general cardio workout—all while commuting to the office or heading to a friend’s.

Xmera is taking the Sci-Fi even further with their app, which tracks your workouts, mileage, and calories burned. You can also purchase the Xmera BPM band that will show your heart rate data on the screen. Go even more high tech and get the Xmera Wavetech helmet, which will be available in 2020. The helmet uses brain wave technology to provide in-ear workout info.

Even if you don’t avail yourself of the health and fitness aspects of the Xmera, you’ll still be getting a high-quality bike. The frame is made of a 6061 alloy. Mechanical brakes provide plenty of stopping power, and the three-inch tires are perfect for any routine. The bike also includes IoT tracking to provide GPS location and an emergency contact function that will text or call for help when it detects an accident.

You can pick up your own Xmera with their Indiegogo campaign, which has already more than doubled their goal.

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