You’ll Want to Head to the Beach on the Priority Coast Cruiser

New York City startup Priority Bicycles created a new bike that was designed for the beach life. Several years ago, Dave Weiner quit his job as the head honcho of a large company to pursue his childhood dream—a different kind of bicycle, one that would ride smoothly on the beach. He assembled a team of designers, including a former surfer and brewer to help him and designed the Priority Coast Cruiser.

This bike was initially released on Kickstarter and was later named Best in Class Design Awards winner by Inc. The Priority Coast Cruiser is innovative because it was designed to survive the beach life. If you live near a beach and ride your bike there frequently, you probably are familiar with the dirty, sandy chains, rusted bearings and eventually rusted frame that usually results from riding near the beach.

coast cruiser bike body shape

This lightweight beach cruiser is different from most bikes. For one, it is rust-proof and grease-free. Its stainless steel bolts and aluminium frame were designed to resist the corrosive sand and salty, humid air. It also features bearings that are located right in the centre of the wheels. These are completely sealed, which helps prevent salt and sand from getting inside.

Unlike traditional bikes, the Priority Coast Cruiser does not have a chain. Instead of a chain, it uses a Gates Carbon Drive belt. It is grease-free making it virtually maintenance-free. You won’t have to worry about broken chains or squeaky rides.

So that you can enjoy a comfortable ride back and forth to the beach every day, this bike is outfitted with a classic, well-cushioned saddle.

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