Damon’s A.I. Hypersport Smart Bike Claims to be Smarter than its Rider

Damon Motorcycles walked out of the 2020 CES show with the Best of Innovation Awards for Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation. They did that by creating a motorcycle that’s smarter than its rider, and that can transform to meet your needs. The new Damon Hypersport Smart Bike is exactly what the company claims it is—the future of motorcycles.

“We built what every rider dreams of: a motorcycle that can adapt to the changing road conditions, perfectly suited for inner city commutes, winding back roads, and everything in between,” says Damon’s founder and CEO Jay Giraud. That adaptation comes via a new technology called “Shift” that lets the driver electronically move the windscreen, handlebars, seat, and foot pegs in to different positions. In effect, you can transition from a sportbike to a cruiser to an upright commuter at the touch of a button.

man riding Damon Hypersport Smart Bike

As if that wasn’t already cool enough, Hypersport also features an artificial intelligence that keeps the rider safe. Called CoPilot, this system uses 360-degree radar to sense oncoming threats and to even anticipate accidents. It picks up on visual cues and has a haptic vibration in the handlebars to alert the rider, giving you a few precious seconds of advanced warning. The bike also offers you a view of what’s behind you thanks to a camera and a screen on the dash.

All that would be plenty, but what good is a bike if it can’t perform? Hypersport can, and with plenty of power to spare. The bike offers 200 horsepower and 147 ft-lb of torque. Zero to 60 happens in less than three seconds, and has a top speed of 200 miles per hour. It’s also fully electric, and has a 200 highway miles range on a single charge. Charging back up to 80 percent only takes 20 minutes.

Damon is offering the HyperSport Smart Bike for just $24,955. For that price, you’ll be getting the “world’s smartest, safest, and most powerful electric motorcycle.”

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