Definitely Wood – Cycling With Tratar Bikes

One look at one of these bicycles and you’ll probably think two things at the same time. One: it looks great and two: there’s no way it can be safe. Slovenian designer Janez Tratar is passionate about two things; cycling, and making things out of wood. I’ll get back to the issue of safety in just a sec, but for now, take a look at the craftsmanship of these timber cycles.

wood cycling tratar bike rider

Janez claims that it’s not at all about the bike rather, it’s about the ‘experience which leads us towards the vivid vision of the perfect ride.’ These Tratar bikes, built from Janez’ tiny workshop in his home town of Ljubljana are rolling works of art and have been meticulously developed to create the perfect design for a wooden bike encompassing ride quality, robust construction and of course safety. And on the topic of safety, Janez should know, he has a PhD in mechanical engineering, a pedigree that puts him in perfect stead to lead this small company that have already made a mark in the world of cycling as a serious producer of beautiful, handmade bikes. They’re currently available in two different models, however they specialise in a custom service, which we think is the obvious choice for owning something truly unique.

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wood frame cycling tratar bike