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Surfboards are big, heavy, and notoriously hard to pack. You can’t jam them into any car trunk that doesn’t open up into the cab, and you can’t take a full compliment of passengers if you do. Because of the unpackable nature of surfboards, unless you live right on the beach, you can’t just count the cost of the board for your total investment- you also have to calculate for the cost of a special rack on the top of your car and special storage on airplanes. If you’re a serious surfer, you also know that one type of board isn’t enough. When the surf changes, and when the wind and weather changes- you need different boards to accommodate those changes. That means in addition to all the trouble of packing a board, you also need extra boards- otherwise, that great big surfing vacation you were planning might be a huge disappointment if the weather doesn’t turn out the way you planned for.

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Time to give up, right? Wrong, dude. Introducing The Sherpa. It’s the result of a team effort by Deus Ex Machina and the Australia-based McTavish Surfboards. The Sherpa is a high-quality surfboard that is designed to be suitable for all possible conditions.

That means it’s the only board you’ll ever need- and as surfboards go- it’s fairly small, making it relatively easy to pack. So you can save yourself loads of pack space and money on carrying two or three extra boards as the Sherpa can surf anywhere. It’s optimized for maximum stability and versatility to give you the most no matter what nature throws at you. Kowabunga.

The Sherpa retails for just $1050 USD.

Check it out

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