Deus Cycles on With The Hoy Hoy Bike

Deus Ex Machina, a brand synonymous with a life lived on two wheels worldwide, are very good at constantly surprising fans with original ideas. Having started with motorcycles, they’ve also long been a purveyor of rad fixies that transport the most discerning of hipsters from point A to point, like, whatever, you wouldn’t have heard of the place anyway – since 2006, and have flagships in Sydney, Byron, Tokyo, Milan, LA and Bali.

deus cycles on hoy hoy bike handle shape

This bicycle, named the ‘Hoy Hoy Bike’, is a collaboration with cycling behemoth Cinelli and hails from their Milanese factory. Built on the back of the successes they celebrated with another simpler model, this one detracts slightly from their usual style of simple, fixed or single gear bikes and focusses more on the practicality of cycling everywhere, on and off the track and also rider comfort over longer trips.

It features Cinelli handlebars, stem and seat post, your choice of Brooks, San Marco or Concor UP saddle, Vittoria Revolution tyres, 27 gears from Shimano and also disc brakes. Made to order, it has a plethora of custom add-ons (if that’s your thing) and starting at €1250, is definitely one of the more individual cycles around and guaranteed to win you a few envious glances on your next Saturday morning latté run.

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deus cycles on hoy hoy bike front side