Drink Driver – Icon 1000 Three Martini Lunch

The good eggs at Icon One Thousand have been one of the leading lights in bespoke motorbike builds over the last couple of years. Based out of Portland, Oregon, they refit and redesign classic bikes using scavenged parts with a retrofuturistic twist, like a pre-apocalyptic Mad Max. Now they’re back with their latest offering – a customised Triumph Thruxton that has been christened the Three Martini Lunch.

three martini lunch motorcycle front side

Named in honour of the heavy imbibing that characterised their heated design critique meetings, the Three Martini Lunch is a classic café racer that wears its retro British heritage firmly on its sleeve. As with other Icon 100 bikes, it’s replete with ironic design details, including plastic eyeball-adorned brakes and tongue-in-cheek graphics.

three martini lunch motorcycle meter and handle

The paintjob is gleefully and unapologetically taken from the Pontiac GTO Verdoro, which, in their words, was ‘the only Pontiac that ever mattered’. It was put together in the Icon 100 workshop using parts from their proud partners, including KZ1000 wheels, Nitron suspension, EBC brakes and Avon tyres.

three martini lunch motorcycle high speed

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