Drivers of These Cars Are Most Likely to Have an Accident

Consider this: in 2016 there were nearly 18,000 automobile accidents each day in the United States. It stands to reason with that large of a number, you’d start to see some patterns emerge. Insurify took a look at all those accidents and identified which car models were most often involved in accidents, which also reveals which drivers are most likely to have an accident. These are important numbers to look at. In 2018, 36,750 people died in automobile-related accidents, accounting for 1 percent of all deaths in the US that year.

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According to Insurify’s research, foreign cars are more often involved in accidents. Nine out of 10 cars that are involved in accidents at the highest rate are from automakers outside of the US. Of those nine, seven are Japanese; the other two are Korean. But those countries aren’t the only culprits. Eight different manufacturers saw one of their cars make the list. The stats were developed by looking at the number of drivers that had an at-fault accident in the past seven years. From there, the analysts compiled a list of the 10 models with the highest share of accidents. Here’s the top ten with the percentage of prior accidents: Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (23.92 percent), Chevrolet Trax (23.98 percent), Lexus CT (24.17 percent), Acura ILX (24.18 percent), Mazda 3 (24.65 percent), Subaru WRX (24.9 percent), Infiniti Q50 (25.14 percent), Hyundai Elantra GT (25.58 percent), Honda HR-V (25.7 percent), and Subaru Crosstrek (25.81 percent).

Drivers of These Cars Are Most Likely to Have Accidents

So what’s the take away from this study? While it may be interesting to note that certain cars seem to have a higher rate of accident, with the exception of a few rare incidents, the car usually isn’t at fault. It’s more the driver. Does that mean that we can profile drivers and predict if they will cause an accident based on what kind of car they choose to drive? That seems highly unlikely. However, there might be some indicators that can be looked at. Really, it all boils down to this: slow down and drive more safely, that way you won’t become a statistic.

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