ECCE Cycles’ Opus Series is Art, on a Roll

ECCE (pronounced ETCH-EH) Cycles formed in Brussels in 2012 to eschew the common triangular-frame design trends surrounding bicycle production and create unique bikes that were as much art as they were a practical and healthy way to get from point A to point B. Offered in two materials, the OPUS is their signature and latest release – the wooden version is a very sexy set of wheels, comprised of timbers commonly used in yacht making, and the grain of the wood alone makes it stand out as an exceptionally unexpected piece of modern-day transport.

The carbon-fibre version uses a more common ingredient in modern bicycle production, but follows the same chic design principles of its lacquered timber brother, in a much more lightweight (ECCE go so far as to say ‘weightless’) format. All the moving parts are Shimano, the tyres are Continental and as a nice touch, the seats are from Brook’s in London. Starting at €9500 ($14000 AUD) for the carbon fibre version and €15000 ($22000 AUD) for the wooden model, you probably won’t be seeing these underneath every cyclist at your local park anytime soon, but as far as we’re concerned their uniqueness and rarity only makes them all the more appealing, and you can’t put a price on turning heads.

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