Ces 2022 innovation award winner electric bobcat

This Unlikely Hero Just Won the CES Innovation Award

The first machine of its kind to become fully electric, Doosan Bobcat has unveiled the T7X to industry acclaim at CES2022 – receiving the Innovation Award at the show. While electric cars might steal the spotlight with speed and acceleration that matches that of a Formula 1 car, EV technology is trickling down into the industries we need it most.

Being entirely battery-powered electric, the T7X brings with it a host of technologies that allow the track loader to outperform its diesel counterparts in almost every way possible. At the surface level, the electric Bobcat will be quieter, emission-free, and limit vibration and operating costs to levels unmatched by even the best track loaders in the industry.

“This machine is a technological feat for Bobcat and for the entire industry… We challenged the status quo to deliver a connected, all-electric machine designed for power and performance that previously was not possible. We are excited to share this advancement with the world and proud of the hard work that has gone into making this a reality,” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat.

Built with almost half the components of the traditional diesel counterpart, the T7X will drive down the cost of maintenance and ownership costs to levels we haven’t seen before. One example of such saving is in the coolant, where the T7X takes just one quart of eco-friendly coolant compared to nearly 60 gallons of fluids required in its diesel-and hydraulic-powered counterpart. Just like an electric car, fewer parts, components and fluid will save you money throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Ces 2022 innovation award winner electric bobcat 2

Image: Bobcat

Our favourite part (and we’re sure anyone who lives residential would agree) is the fact the track loader operates silently both inside and outside work hours. Operators also reap the benefits, fewer moving parts means far less vibration through the seat and steering wheel saving you from exacerbated exhaustion on the site.

So how does it work? Operators won’t have to wait for the loader to ‘warm-up’ and with intelligent work modes users can expect up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use (This $48,000 F1 Slot Car Track is Perfection in Miniature). The management system knows when loads are increasing, and automatically backs off power when not needed to preserve the total energy use and extend the machine’s runtime. A number of world-first electric attachments will be released over the loaders lifespan for specific tasks like auger, angle broom, and grapple grab to hold materials.

Bobcat T7X Power and Performance
Power 62 kW (100 hp equivalent) lithium-ion battery.
Tipping Load 8571 lb. (3887 kg)
Operating Weight 12,187 lb. (5528 kg)
Breakout Force Lift: 7127 lb. (3233 kg)

Tilt: 6078 lb. (2757 kg)

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