Electric Concept Trucks – a Brave Proposal for Audi

Today, high-resolution 3D digital modelling allows designers to let their minds run free, and what we’re currently seeing in the form of concept vehicles is more forward-thinking than ever before as a result. Belarusian Artem Smirnov and Ukrainian Vladimir Panchenko, two designers with a penchant for thinking well and truly outside the box, have created two concept electric trucks for Audi that truly test the limits of the imagination.

audi electric car gear

Car manufacturers use trucks to transport race vehicles to and from the track, although the second of these two designs looks like it could be pitched for commercial usage (although there is more than some irony in an electric-powered oil tanker). Either way both vehicles are an impressive testament to the designers’ capabilities and flair for the whacky and futuristic – now the ball’s in Audi’s court, or potentially another rival manufacturer’s, to pick up the project and make fighter-pilot looking truck drivers a reality.

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audi electric car oil