Electric Dreams – The BMW Vision Next 100

BMW recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and like all good automakers it toasted the past with one foot squarely in the future. Or in the case of the Vision Next 100 concept, make that both feet. A recently unveiled design for the Munich-based company’s projected line of energy-saving, (optionally) self-driving vehicles challenges almost everything we’ve come to expect not just from the brand, but from the look and performance of cars in general.

bmw vision next 100 car standing on road

Sporting a solid futuristic sheen adorned with snakeskin bursts of texture on the outside and a minimalist, techno-friendly interior, BMW’s concept car goes full throttle on what they expect the future to look like. Everything about it is new and forward thinking except for maybe the insignia on the hood. For instance, it plans to utilise something called Alive Geometry in the dashboard, which is a series of three-dimensional polygons that interact with the driver through movement and imagery both inside and outside the car. Sounds pretty cool even if we have no idea what they’re talking about.

bmw vision next 100 car open

If the owner prefers that good old feeling of control he can put the car in “boost” mode, enabling himself with the ability to drive. Otherwise he can opt for “ease” mode, then sit back and let the car do all the work. In either scenario, BMW doesn’t want the driver to feel alienated by his own property. In fact, progressive communication between human intelligence and artificial intelligence is practically the most vital motif underlying the Vision Next 100 series. The car’s computer is expected to learn more about the driver over time to the point where an actual relationship evolves. If you’re thinking Knight Rider you’re probably not too far off. We do anticipate some truly awkward moments when it comes time to get a new car.

headlights of bmw vision next 100 car

BMW is boldly (albeit hypothetically at the moment) moving forward with a commitment to leave no man or woman behind. The company owes its success to drivers, plain and simple, and it’s with those drivers in mind that they revolutionize the future of transportation.

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rear of bmw vision next 100 car

top view of bmw vision next 100 car

women sitting beside bmw vision 100 car

angled desihn of bmw vision 100 car