Electric Luxury in the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

In 2016, with the advancements in design and 3D modelling technology we’ve enjoyed in the past decade, every Tom, Dick and Harry with a design diploma is now able to digitally create beautifully rendered high-res images of their concept vehicles before putting their oft-crazy ideas into the digi-sphere of judgement that is the internet. This means that car companies have had to really pull their finger out when it comes to designing the latest and greatest in concept cars that will stun and impress at car shows for twelve months before never actually going into full production.

mercedes electric luxury car interior

This Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is about as outlandish as they come and cannot be criticised for not being unique. Powered by a 750HP electric engine, the interior wraps around from the dash and the windscreen is interactive offering an augmented view of the outside world which responds to hand gestures.

mercedes car side view

While the exterior is a long, classic design reminiscent of a burgundy Batmobile from the 1930s, the interior is white and modern, almost pulled straight out of a sci-fi movie set in space. And the floor is made of elm, ‘creating a refined yachting look’. Obviously. Having just been unveiled at Pebble Beach in California, the response has been largely positive and it’s always good to see marques as diverse as Mercedes continuing to create new ideas. Even if this car looks a little confused as to what it is, maybe that’s the point. It’s a concept car, after all.

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mercedes car top

mercedes car steering

mercedes car open trunk

mercedes car wheels