Ever Wonder What a Koenigsegg Motorcycle Would Look Like?

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is well-known for their expensive high-performance supercars. If you have ever seen a Koenigsegg car, you were likely pretty impressed. You might just be wondering what other types of vehicles would look like if they were designed by the automaker. Russian designer Burov art apparently wandered the same thing. So, he decided to come up with his own concept of a Koenigsegg bike. He posted his design on Behance and it looks phenomenal.

Burov art’s design is somewhat similar to the Lotus C-01 motorcycle. In fact, Burov admits that he drew inspiration from the Lotus. Although there are some aspects similar to the Lotus, such as the engine cowling, there are many other ones that set this bike apart from any other.

swedish automaker koenigsegg motorcycle front design

With a sleek, smooth appearance, the Koenigsegg concept looks ready to take on any racetrack. The fairings give this bike an elegant, minimalistic look. Bodywork is wrapped around the engine, gas tank and other components. The concept has a short tail, dual rear exhausts and shocks. There are no cowling, fenders or windshield on Burov art’s rendering. The instrument panel features a classic design,

So, will Koenigsegg start designing two-wheel vehicles anytime soon? Who knows? But, they would not be the first automaker to do so. Suzuki, Honda and BMW all have pretty successful automobile and motorcycle divisions. One thing is for certain, if Koenigsegg decides to make the leap and produce motorcycles, they already have a pretty good concept waiting for them.

Check it out

swedish automaker koenigsegg motorcycle back

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