Explorers Can Go Cross Country with Ease – Volvo V90 Cross Country

Taking over from the retired XC70, the V90 Cross Country is a sexy Swedish looking wagon with the ability of a SUV minus the chunkiness. The car’s height has been raised so that it is now 8.2 inches from the ground to tackle the different terrains. This will work together with the improved electronic chassis system that will optimise the handling and be better prepared for mother’s nature unpredictable weather.

volvo v90 wagon cross country driving

The Cross Country will have Volvo’s IntelliSafe System, which includes autonomous emergency braking, active cruise control and lane keeping assistance systems. It has an all-wheel-drive traction that features four switchable driving modes; Rough Road, Comfort, Eco and Dynamic, which means it’s more than equipped for any explorer’s experience. There will a slight wait involved for the adventurers, as our Scandinavian friend doesn’t arrive to our shores until the first quarter of 2017. But the wait will be well worth it. Now you can look good even off-road, as Volvo have combined aesthetics and adventure perfectly.

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volvo v90 cross country interior

volvo v90 cross country hazard light alert

volvo v90 cross country driving on country road

volvo v90 wagon parking on roadside

volvo v90 wagon front view on roadside