Extreme Stand Up Paddleboarding with this Hydrofoil

Water sports will never be the same. It doesn’t matter what you’re into- surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, parasailing- whatever your favorite water sport, there’s nothing like this. When we first laid eyes on the SUP Hydrofoil, we thought- of course THAT’S AMAZING. We all agreed what we imagined must have been under the water was a huge amphibious buoyant package of water jets and floating devices. In actuality, there’s much more out of the water than under it- and the rider glides effortlessly along like the Silver Surfer.

paddleboarding hydrofoil high hydro lift

The SUP Hydrofoil is specially designed to deliver high hydro-lift at low speeds, getting you up and going with no delay- and no sketchy period of getting up to speed. It is ideal for wave riding, cruising- and of course- racing. It sports a long fuselage to appeal to the classic veteran surfer and provides a huge sweet spot, making riding a breeze. It’s made from patented Elite carbon and PVC reinforcement. That means it’s as light as it is tough.

paddleboarding hydrofoil low flying surfboard

Above the water, it’s basically a low-flying surfboard. It looks like a surfboard, feels like a surfboard, and rides like one. Under the water it’s a small submarine airplane looking fixture about the size of an RC glider that cuts through the water with unparalleled ease.

Even people who don’t like being in the water will love the SUP Hydrofoil, because you are completely out of the water the whole time you’re riding it.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about these boards is, you can afford it! You can have your own flying surfboard for an amazingly low price of $1,200 USD.

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