The FEDDZ Electric Bike makes the City Commute Easier

The FEDDZ Electric Bike is a light, easily manoeuvrable e-drive form of transportation that lacks the clunky-ness and effort needed in another bike-like vehicles. Not quite motor bike, not quite bicycle, the FEDDZ Electric Bike has three gears low gears to choose from. From a relaxed ride in the park, to a more heart-pumping, sportier speed, the bike can go up to 45km/hr. The design is slimmer and fits well within the urban lifestyle, swapping out what usually would be the gas tank in normal motor bikes for cargo room so you can stowaway your essentials. Other features include a USB connection port so you can charge your phone while on the move, an energy-efficient LED light package with Phillips high performance head lamp, rear lamp, brake lamp and turn blinker provides safety day and night, and a removable, lithium-ion battery so you can recharge in your flat rather than install a charging station. The FEDDZ Electric Bike is all about riding without the effort, and without degrading the environment.

feddz electric bike

feddz electric bike on the road

feddz electric bike on hand helmet

feddz electric bike on going a woman

feddz electric bike sitting a man