Feel Indestructable in the USSV Rhino XT SUV

The best from the team at USSV have come together to bring you a vehicle designed totally with safety in mind. Think Jeep on steroids with a Wrangler Ulimited Platform and drivetrain. Whether it’s an adventure to the tropics or chilly mountain terrain, the USSV Rhino is as reliable and safe in all terrain. Added touches of comfort include premium leather seats, power windows and locks for convenience, chrome accent trims on all doors, dash and centre console, a backup camera and back window defroster. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, although you could probably just drive to an iceberg and see for yourself if you have the Rhino. Other titbits include power steering and cruise control, and an engine block heater. But if you want to know the full details you’ll need to take a look for yourself!

ussv rhino xt suv front