Felt Tote’m Electric Bike is Built for the Apocalypse

If you like to bike it, whether for exercise, work, play, or just wheeling around on the weekends- you’ll love the Tote’m Electric Bike by Felt. This humble looking electric bike appears to be an ordinary beach cruiser at a glance, but this environmentally friendly peddler is really a high-end ebike.

All the critical bicycle parts from the brakes to the chain drive system, are made with top of the line Shimano components. The brakes are very long lasting and the drive system is not only well made, and built to last, but it’s just like drive systems you find on traditional bicycles. That means if you know bicycles, you won’t have any trouble performing maintenance on any of the non-electric parts.

The electric motor is the famous Bosche Drive system, and it is supremely tough, durable, and low maintenance. This pedal assist electric motor makes it easy to carry heavy loads including passengers. That means if you work a delivery service, or just ride for a lot of day to day business- the Felt Tote’m Electric Bike makes it easy to get your haul from here to there without wearing you out. That means you can ride longer and harder and still have the energy to be a human being at the end of the day.

It comes with a Shimano display that mounts on the handlebars and gives you lots of helpful info, like speed, distance, and hippy cred.

It’s priced at $3,999.00 USD but just think of all the gas money you’ll save.

Check it out

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