The Ferrari F12 Caballeria by Bengala

Lets play imagination for a bit. Think of yourself in great shape, maybe you are right now, maybe you’re getting there, maybe you’re not and blaming it on the lack of motivation. So the chiseled jawline, bulging biceps, boulder-like shoulders, toned abs and legs. Keep that image in your mind and now think of yourself just absolutely ripped. Just like when Hugh Jackman becomes Wolverine. Well this is what the F12 Caballeria is.

ferrari f12 caballeria side view

Spanish design house, Bengala Automotive introduced this concept using the Ferrari F12 as a base and inspiration from the GT3 range to generate a more masculine look, in a bespoke carbon fiber creation. The front fascia has a facelift with a meaner GT3 race-car inspired front splitter and rear diffuser. There will only be a maximum of 10 units, which makes this monster extremely exclusive. If my pockets were real deep, and I mean really deep, like baller alert deep, this beast would be at the top of my shopping list.

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