Flying into the Future – TriFan 600

It’s safe to say that most individuals would like to cut their commuting down as much as possible. Enter the Trifan 600, it means business. This revolutionary high-speed aircraft design promises to take off and land vertically on any helipad-sized flat surface with supreme speed and mileage range equivalent to private jets.


The Trifan 600 uses three ducted fans powered by two gas-turbine engines that propel its vertical lift. When airborne, the two wing-mounted fans rotate to provide forward thrust. In just 90 seconds, this jet reaches a top speed of 644km/ph, while it reaches its maximum cruise altitude of 30000 feet in 11 minutes. Clear the runaway, as this revolutionary jet enters the fray, it will change the way we travel and gives us a taste of futuristic flying. Head to your next destination without the need of an airstrip. Travelling doesn’t get any better than this. Take your transportation to the next tier and travel like a boss with Trifan.

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trifan 600 two luxury chair seat