The Flying Huntsman an Example of British Car History

You may know your car brands like Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Jeep. But since the twentieth century, there have been automobile enthusiasts and coachbuilders that have used pre-existing frameworks to create their own custom cars. From Pininfarina’s Ferrari Daytonas, Zagato’s BMW Zagato Coupé and Bertone 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo, many of these cars have remained in the strongholds of Italy. Britain’s response lies in Afzhal Khan’s first prototype, the Flying Huntsman. The Flying Huntsman speaks volumes about British design, using a Land Rover Defender frame. The car is powered by a 6.2-litre GM LS3 V8 engine, has been outfitted with high- and low- range gearing and locking differentials, and uses a six-speed, push-button automatic transmission. To match this upgrade in power, the suspensions and braking system has also been upgraded. The car is far wider than the original Defender, being 150 mm wider, 800 mm longer rear cabin and 400 mm longer bonnet. A fitting tribute to the soon-to-be-retired model car.

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flying huntsman british car side view

flying huntsman car wheel in the cover

flying huntsman car neutral safety switch

flying huntsman car seats cover

flying huntsman car steering

flying huntsman car seats