The AeroMobil 4.0 Is the World’s First Flying Car

In the 1940s, Henry Ford predicted that flying cars would someday be a reality. Well, he was right. Slovakian company AeroMobil just launched the 4.0 Flying Car, available for preorder. This gas and electric hybrid recently debuted at the 2017 Top Marques in Monaco.

aeromobil 4 0 flying car front

This is not AeroMobil first foray into flying cars. It launched its first flying car in 2014. However, that test vehicle crashed. At the time, it looked to be all over for flying cars. However, the company is back with the AeroMobil 4.0, which is stronger, faster and safer than its predecessor, according to AeroMobil.

aeromobil 4 0 flying car root display

The AeroMobil 4.0 seats two. It is certified for both air and road use. It has wings that fold back into the body for driving and fold out for flying. This vehicle can reach speeds of up to 160 MPH on the ground and 240 MPH in the air.

aeromobil 4 0 flying car driving controller

The exterior and wings are constructed from carbon-composite, which helps improve safety. The cockpit surrounds the pilot and co-pilot in a high strength monocoque structure. This structure is capable of absorbing and distributing impact energy during a crash while maintaining the integrity of the interior.

aeromobil 4 0 flying car latest parachute technology

The latest parachute technology is also used in the AeroMobil 4.0. It is designed to bring the vehicle safely back to the ground if needed. Safety is enhanced on the road with an occupant restraint system. This system uses both dual-stage airbags and pyrotechnic seatbelt technology to keep occupants safe. These same systems offer protection in the air as well.

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