Air Taxis Are Here! Sort Of…

Mention the phrase: “Air taxis” and you’ll get reactions running the whole gamut, from wide-eyed bafflement to wide-eyed excitement to wide-eyed terror. The idea of hailing a cab and zipping through the sky to your destination is one that conjures up both dreams and nightmares of the future.

But it seems like air taxis are here right now. Well, sort of here. Almost. Texas startup Lift Aircraft has unveiled its first step towards becoming the airborne Uber of sci-fi fantasy, a nifty little drone called “Hexa”. Hexa could conceivably be taking passengers this year, but the bad news is she’s rated only for “short recreational flights”. Still, it’s a pretty ace kind of recreation.

Actual gravity-defying taxi rides are, it seems, a decade or more away, when technology and regulations catch up with Lift Aircraft’s wild, Doc Brown-esque desires for a brave new world. So we have quite a wait for the convenience of air taxis, or if you look at it from a different perspective, we have quite a wait for the horrific sky-carnage that will result from the prevalence of air taxis. Either way, when it arrives, Lift Aircraft is clearly going to be at the forefront, and you’ve got to admire their moxie.