Airbus Rules the Sky With A Super Fast Racer Helicopter

Airbus debuted a new helicopter at the Paris Air Show in June that is faster than a Bugatti Hypercar. The ‘Racer’ Helicopter concept can reach an unbelievable cruising speed of 400 km/h. Developed as part of the Clean Sky 2 research program, this badass machine just changed the helicopter game. This program is aimed at reducing emissions and noise levels of aircraft. This helicopter does both of these things.

airbus rules super fast racer helicopter at sky

Most conventional helicopters have a max speed of around 250 km/h. Airbus has found a way around physics that limit the top speed of most helicopters. Looking like something out of a science fiction film, this chopper has twin propellers that are attached to box wings located on either side of its body. The main rotor that provides landing and vertical takeoff capabilities. This design is what enables the Racer to reach such high speeds. It also makes it more fuel efficient and cheaper to operate than traditional helicopters according to Airbus.

airbus rules super fast racer helicopter flying way

Airbus is hoping that its Racer concept will become a reality by the year 2020. Airbus plans to start construction on this craft in 2019 with the first flight one year later. One market for this helicopter would be in emergency services. The ability to transport patients to a hospital quickly would be invaluable. This helicopter might also be a good alternative to a private plane for jet setters that want to get to their destination in a hurry. The Racer is a good example of what the future of air travel might involve.

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