Alauda Mark 1 Airspeeder Set to Become Australia’s First Flying Car

Ambitious aeronautical startup Alauda is building Australia’s first flying car and by 2020, aims to hold the first Airspeeder World Championship.

Alauda is using cutting-edge technologies and advanced robotics to build the “Ferrari of the sky,” a full-sized, human-capable, flying car called the Alauda Mark 1.

Alauda Mark 1 is an electric, low-altitude aircraft shaped like a race car. Once completed, it will be capable of carrying a single pilot and reaching speeds over 200km/h.

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Built with four custom 50-megawatt motors, and powered by the same cells used in the battery of a Tesla Model S, the Mark 1 uses robotics and sensors to ensure the driver’s (or pilot’s) safety while putting them in control of a performance electric aircraft.

Alauda describes its Mark 1 as not quite a plane or a car and instead borrowed the term Airspeeder from classic Sci-fi. To us, the Mark 1 kind of resembles a massive drone that’s fitted with a cockpit.

Alauda’s targets are ambitious. It’s aiming for the first test flight to take place early next year, with the first head-to-head race planned for late 2018. By 2020, the company plans to hold the first Airspeeder World Championship.

Alauda Founder and CEO Matthew Pearson was tired of waiting for the future to happen. “It’s just time the world had flying cars,” he said. “Racing will push the technology like nothing else. It’s not enough to build the speeder: we have to build the sport. We want to bring the excitement and values of Formula 1 to the sky.”

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Alauda has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its sky-high ambitions. “We have the prototype, we have the technology, we have the team – now we want to take it to the next level,” added Pearson. “Our Kickstarter will help us build a community and bring flying racing cars one step closer to reality.”

Pledges begin at AUD 35 with rewards ranging from access to the 2018 test race live stream and merchandise, through to sponsorship options with your business or company name on the test vehicle.

Unfortunately, none of the rewards let you test the vehicle. This campaign is ‘look but don’t touch.’

If the first Airspeeder World Championship is something you want to see happen, head over to Kickstarter via the link below and help make Alauda’s dream a reality.

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