Boom Supersonic Airplane Could Check an Item off Your Bucket List

“Boom Supersonic test pilot”—there’s a job title of which to be jealous.

Of course, it’s just as interesting to hear what the owner of that title has to say about the new generation of supersonic passenger jets. “This thing will handle very much like a fighter jet,” says Bill “Doc” Shoemaker.

“We have to actually limit its capabilities a bit so passengers stay comfortable.”

boom Supersonic Airplane

That description may not necessarily strike a lot of confidence in your heart, but knowing that a passenger aircraft can hit Mach 2.2 at an altitude of 60,000 foot altitude should. That accomplishment means that you can save a whole day on a transatlantic round trip and two days on a transpacific.

What’s more, at 60,000 feet you’ll actually be able to experience the curvature of the Earth.

Supersonic Airplane

Because of sonic boom–related restrictions, Boom will be limited to transoceanic routes only, but that’s really where they’re needed the most anyway.

Right now, Boom Supersonic is working on building the XB-1—the “Baby Boom”—which will be a 60 foot long demonstrator plane. If things work out there, they will move on to the 55-passenger plane.

man in boom supersonic seat

So, while you may have a decidedly more mundane job title, you may very well be able to claim supersonic flight on your resume, just like Doc Shoemaker.

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