The Cirrus Vision Jet is the First Single Jet Aircraft in the World

The world’s smallest and most affordable private jet just took flight. The Cirrus Vision Jet, which has been in development for more than a decade, was just delivered to customers that have been waiting anxiously for it for a long time. The Vision Jet is also the first to have just one engine—aside from military jets and kit planes.

At $2 million USD, this jet is priced way below even the cheapest used Gulfstreams. The curvy teardrop-shaped aeroplane is built entirely from lightweight carbon fibre. It seats five passengers and features huge windows that provide panoramic views. The V-tail design allows hot exhaust to pass through.

cirrus vision jet controller

The Vision Jet can reach a top speed of 555 km/h thanks to a thin jetpack that is mounted on its back. It has a range of 1,200 nautical miles. With a takeoff distance of just over 620 metres, this jet can be conveniently flown from short runways.

Despite the low price tag, this jet offers a variety of innovations. An on-board computer system features Garmin electronics. This customizable computer system provides easy-to-read information to the pilot. This aircraft features a unique side-stick. It provides smoother and more precise movements than a traditional joystick. To add another layer of safety, the Vision Jet is equipped with a whole-plane parachute. This parachute can help the plane land safely should it become disabled by enabling it to descend to the ground very slowly.

cirrus vision jet luxury chair seats

The inside of the cabin is pressurised for high-altitude flying. There are five reclining leather seats plus two small seats for kids. Dual climate control provides a comfortable temperature for occupants.

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