Deliveroo Creates the World’s First Helicopter Restaurant

Dinner with a view is one of those prime experiences that people often seek after, but even if you’re in a rooftop restaurant, your view will still be blemished by other buildings. Deliveroo, a delivery service based in London that delivers your order from a local restaurant to your door, is testing out a new service that would let you dine inside a helicopter high above the city, where no buildings will block your view.

The test of the world’s first helicopter restaurant serves the purpose of gauging interest in being able to eat a meal while flying 1,000 feet above London. Deliveroo has partnered with Charter-A helicopter fleet to provide the flight while eating meals form restaurants like Wagamama, Chipotle, and Bababoom. The best news is that the flight and meal are free—a value of around $200. It is restricted to Deliveroo users, though.

Deliveroo users that book a table on the “Roocopter One” will be able to bring along five guests. At a helipad in Battersea, diners will place their orders and then go through a safety demonstration. By the time the demonstration wraps up, the food will be delivered and it’s time to take flight. The helicopter will take a 20-minute flight over London, taking in the city’s sights—like the Shard or the O2 Arena—while the diners enjoy their meal. Registrants will be able to choose from breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea, or dinner for their flight. Should the trials go well, the service will then be rolled out in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Edinburgh over the next two years. Deliveroo is also considering using helicopters to deliver food to more rural areas as well.

The helicopter restaurant will definitely earn the title of being Europe’s highest restaurant, and regardless of whether the service actually takes off—sorry, couldn’t resist that pun—the publicity is sure to help Deliveroo continue to fly over the competition.

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