Elroy Passenger Heli is Ready for Commuting

Astro Aerospace first introduced the Elroy Passenger Heli in July 2017. At that point, it had already started flight testing and would continue with that testing, including different simulated weights, simulated engine failures, and different control modes, until August, when the first manned flights with passengers took place.

elroy passenger helicopter side view

Designed to be quiet with zero emissions, the Elroy is an autonomous eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing), two-person transport. It uses 17 individual rotors to maintain performance and safety. Its adaptive flight control offers automatic compensation in most weather conditions.

elroy heli with passenger

Astro also offers a touchscreen interface that allows passengers to enter their destination and then let Astro take care of the flying—without having to use any of the manual controls—thanks to its Glass Cockpit Avionics flight support. Astro does come with controls, however, and you can use the joystick for a fly-by-wire override.

elroy passenger heli front view

Astro has also partnered with Paterson Composites to create the entire airframe—cockpit, frame, and propeller blades—and it uses a fibre optic system, both of which cut down on the craft’s weight. It can carry up to 265 pounds and can reach speeds of 44 miles per hour with a 25-minute operating window on each charge.

elroy passenger heli red backside view

If you’re ready to give gridlock a flyby, you can reserve your Elroy today.

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