Eviation Alice Electric Aircraft Is the Private Jet of the Future

The future for electric cars looks pretty bright. Volvo just announced that they plan to go all-electric in 2019. Now, it seems that the world of aviation is following right along with the automotive industry when it comes to electric technology.

eviation alice electric aircraft front

Startup aircraft manufacturer Eviation, a member of NASA’s on-demand mobility program, just announced that they had developed a new electric aircraft that is capable of a 965 km range. At the Paris Airshow that took place in June, the Israeli company unveiled a light electric aircraft called Alice. Designed as a private jet, this plane measures 5.8 metres and can accommodate up to nine passengers.

The aircraft was designed from the bottom up with electric power in mind. Made entirely from composite materials, the propeller, airframe and motor were all designed to conserve energy. This makes the aircraft very light, which enhances energy efficiency. It is 300 times more energy efficient than similar aeroplanes, which usually have very heavy fuel tanks and engines.

eviation alice electric aircraft top

The Alice is sleek and modern. It features round portholes that run the length of the cabin. This modern aircraft is powered by a 980 kWh Li-Ion battery. The energy pack delivers power to the propeller, main pusher and two pusher propellers located at the wingtips. This reduces both redundancy and weight. The lithium-aluminum fusion technology allows the aircraft to achieve a range of 965 km before needing to be re-charged.

Although it will take probably years of work before this plane is ever put into production, the exciting thing is that it looks like an all-electric jet will happen in the near future.

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