Gulfstream’s First North American G700 Fleet Announced

Looks like Flexjet will be the first North American Gulfstream customer to get the new G700. Gulfstream made the announcement during the unveiling ceremony for the new jet. “Flexjet’s customers have become accustomed to the unparalleled Gulfstream cabin experience,” remarked Gulfstream’s president, Mark Burns. “The G700 perfectly complements their existing Gulfstream fleet and combines the best of what we do—performance, innovation, and comfort—with the largest cabin in the industry and the most advanced technology.”

gulfstream g700 plane

The new G700 is a showcase of new technologies from Gulfstream. The cabin is both the tallest and widest in the industry and features five living areas: an “ultragalley” that has 10 feet of counter space, an extra-large refrigerator, a lounge or crew compartment, a six-place dining table that can double as a conference table, and a master bedroom with an optional en suite bath that includes a shower and a wardrobe closet. The jet also features 20 panoramic windows and a lighting system that is a “true circadian system” that mimics sunrise and sunset. All-new seat designs are also an option as is a three-place sofa that is certified for takeoff and landing. The G700 can achieve an altitude of 7,5000 nautical miles at speeds of Mach 0.85. Flying at 6,400 nautical miles, the G700 can travel at Mach 0.90. In the cockpit, the G700 uses a Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck that features active control sidesticks and touch-screen technology.

g700 jet bedroom view

“The Gulfstream G700, with its speed, range and versatility, will make an exceptional fractional offering,” said Kenn Ricci, the chairman of Flexjet. “We anticipate that it will be ideally suited for those companies that need occasional access to global markets and will be the pinnacle of our Red Label offering. It will be the fifth large-cabin aircraft type in the fleet as we continue our international expansion.”

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business class in gulfstream g700 fleet

g700 jet kitchen

north american first gulfstream g700 jet