Move Airbus Seating Concept is all About Ergonomics and Efficiency

If you want to improve fuel efficiency in a car, one of the options you have is to lighten the load. A lighter weight frees up power, making it possible to go farther and faster. If that principle holds true for vehicles, than the same should hold true for airplanes, right?

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British company LAYER is banking on that with their new Move Airbus Seating Concept. The seats use a digitally knitted seat cover made of a smart textile that helps drop the weight of the seat, thus reducing the overall weight of the aircraft “resulting in significant fuel savings and a greener approach to flying.”

Seating Concept

Too often, however, dropping the weight of a seat also means getting rid of any semblance of comfort. Layer also addressed this issue. The main purpose of the seat is “to improve the experience of Economy Class short- to mid-haul flying.” The seats are equipped with sensors that monitor seat tension, temperature, pressure, and movement to provide passengers with the most comfortable seat for them.

back view Seating Concept

Through the company’s ‘Move’ app (yes, there’s even an app for that), either the passengers the airline can control the seat to be exactly what they want. The app also lets you know when you should stand up or get a drink of water.

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Move analyzes data to automatically adjust to promote optimal ergonomic comfort. Move seats include 38 inches of legroom, footrests, and an adjustable headrest.

The seats don’t recline, but the adjustments they are capable of will assure the most comfortable position for travellers.

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