flynano electric aircraft

No License Required for the FlyNano Personal Electric Aircraft

When you step into your car, one of the basic pieces of equipment that you’re required to have is a driver’s license. The same goes for pilots—they have to have a license before they can fly.

Such is not the case for the FlyNano Personal Electric Aircraft: no license is required to operate it.

That may be because the FlyNano is a bit of a hybrid: it’s a mix between a plane and a jet ski. The plane skims the water, much like a jet ski, before taking flight, just like a plane. It’s made of carbon fibre so it’s extremely light (it only weights 70kg). FlyNano is powered by an electric motor and is capable of reaching 75 miles per hour. That lower power output helps the FlyNano skirt the definition of an aeroplane (hence, no need for a pilot’s license; though, for safety’s sake, some flight experience might be beneficial).

Fynano Electric Aircraft top and front view

Not only is the craft lightweight, it’s also small. The FlyNano is a single passenger vehicle, measuring just 16.4 feet in wingspan and 11.4 feet from tip to tail.

As you can imagine, this kind of fun doesn’t come cheap. The FlyNano runs for about US$40,000.