Orion Aurora Space Hotel Set to Launch in 2021

Space is still the final frontier, but more and more opportunities are coming up for you to boldly go there (split infinitive aside). Billionaire hotel mogul Robert Bigelow recently announced his idea of sending people to space in pods by 2021.

Now Houston-based technology start-up Orion Span is looking to develop a “luxury” space hotel.

Orion Aurora Space Hotel

Aurora Station would be a fully modular space station that can host up to six people at a time (including two crew members). Guests would join the crew for a 12-day journey. The hotel is being imagined as a turnkey destination is space, where guest will experience zero gravity. Orbiting at 200 miles above the surface of the planet, the hotel would actually orbit the Earth every 90 minutes, giving guests views of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours.

aurora space hotel

There’s not much out there just yet on the accommodations. Evidently, there will be private suites and lots of windows. There will be a zero-gravity research lab as well as an area to grow food.

Like any hotel, there will be high-speed wireless internet access and there’s even a holodeck being promised for virtual reality experiences.

orion space hotel

Getting to the hotel, as you can imagine, will cost you. The 12-day stay is priced at USD$9.5 million. But not to worry, you have until 2022 before the first guests will be hosted, so start saving now.

Oh, and you’ll want to reserve your spot—a paltry USD$80,000.

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